Meaning Of Local Government In Nigeria

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By Amechispark

Meaning of Local Government.

There are three levels of Government in Nigeria.The federal government which is the most powerful government has it's seat Abuja.The state Government is the second and are in capitals of each thirty-six states sn Nigeria.The local Government is the closest to the people.It is the government that controls the public affairs of the people at the Local Government areas.The head of a local government is a chairman.councillors are also elected to represent the people at the local government council.

Important of Local Government includes the following:

(1)  Provision of social amenities like market stalls,schools, clinic, water etc.

(2) Setting up laws to guide the behavior of people in the society

(3) Maintenance of law and order in the local government area.

(4) Provision of roads to link communities

(5) Provision of health services in the local government area.

(6) Establishment of customary courts in their areas.

Problems of Local Government

(1) Inadequate finance

(2) Corruption

(3) low level of education of personal

How to solve the problems of Local Government

(1) Proper funding by the federal and state government

(2) Payment of taxes and other levies by the people to the local government 

(3)Trai of the workforce or personel.

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Oct 7, 2019 10:28 PM

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