How BVN Can Help Change Nigeria Voting Process

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By Amechispark

Over the past few years, I  have witnessed few election process and it has always been full of corruption and rigging, even in the last election process, I as an electoral officer noticed how useless the electoral device was so I was wondering if it was possible, since we have people with bank accounts and no matter the numbers of account you have, you can only have one BVN except if I am mistaken, Can we not generate a system where all you need to vote is your Thumbprint and your BVN because even the voters' card is practically useless. We saw alot of thugs bring as much as 50, 100 voters card to vote and it was counted.

I mean we should get to a stage like U.S where not everyone is allowed to vote. If you are not adding anything to this country, You should not have a say on who gets to enter on not, I feel only does who pay tax, students, employers and employees who are doing well for themselves should vote with their thumbprint and BVNs.

What do you think?

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Oct 7, 2019 10:37 PM

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